Friday, September 5, 2008


I've got like 10 different projects on my plate and datelines to meet but what have I been doing all day? Mucked about on the internet, messing with my blog template and then LOSING the template, then finding it again.

Bah! Plus I've got a runny nose and a sore throat. I know I should get to the work but just can't seem to find the energy... and I'm tired from lack of sleep since the baby keeps waking up every couple of hours through the night, for the past 3 nights. So I know I will just make mistakes if I do work. I ALWAYS make really silly boo-boos when I sew while tired. Like the other night, I started to insert a busk into the front panels of a corset and was halfway through before I realized that it was supposed to be a BUSK-LESS corset. Wasted a good hour.

I think I will go to bed instead and sleep it off. Tomorrow will be a better sewing day.
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