Thursday, September 11, 2008

Plum Ensemble Story Part 3A - Making the Veil

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The final item to be made for the ensemble is the wedding veil. I found an embroidered lilac tulle sold by the metre and was lucky enough to get the last metre left on the bolt. It has border embroidery all along the selvedges and a repeated flower pattern on the body.

I folded the fabric into 2 width-wise and cut a curved shape out on one side in order to get the 'D' shape for the veil.

I wanted to use the border embroidery to hide the cut edges, so I trimmed it off from the cut piece. I also cut out the flower motifs from the piece because I thought I might need them.

The border was then hand-stitched onto the cut edge of the tulle. You can see from the next picture that I divided the saved border into 2 and attached one to either side of the veil, but obviously not long enough to cover the entire cut edge.

This is where the salvaged flower motifs came in handy!

I used them to cover the rest of the cut edges.

Trimmed and pinned


Transition from border design to flower motif

The veil with all appliques attached.

The flowers in the middle portion had to be spaced out because there wasn't enough of the cut out flower pieces.
I intend to fill the spaces with a line of sequins and beads... watch this space for Part 3B!

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