Monday, June 1, 2009

How to divide serger thread into smaller spools - a silly kind of tutorial

Make no mistake - I hate serger thread! They shred and split and fly here and there when one is trying to thread the serger. BLACK serger thread is the worst! Black attracts a lot of static cling and the thread shreds and splits even more than the other colours :(

That said, I still use it for some projects that really require sewing up seams on jersey knits.

The problem, as many of you are familiar, is that your store will only have the exact matching colour in a jumbo spool - and chances are that it won't fit onto your little home serger anyway!

So what to do (short of buying 4 separate spools)?

Some places/books will tell you to wind the thread onto bobbins. But you quickly run out, often in mid serge, and then have to rewind constantly. Not ideal for large projects.
Here is what I do...


1 electric egg beater
carboard tubes


Get yourself 4 inner cardboard tubes.

I cut the long tube of a used roll of tin foil - can't you tell? You can also just use 4 tubes from toilet rolls, probably much easier.

Take one of the metal spindles from the egg beater...

...and tape one of the tubes securely to it.

Hand wind the thread a few times around the tube first

Then attach the spindle back onto the machine.

Place the original large spool on the floor and position the egg beater upright on the edge of a table. Like so:

Holding the thread trailing from the tube in one hand...

(You will probably have to hold on to the machine with your other hand cos it tends to migrate off the table when turned on)

...turn the machine on at the slowest speed and let it do the work!

As you get more confident, turn up the speed a little at a time (on my machine, it goes from 0 to 9!) and keep winding until you are satisfied with the amount on the tube.

Cut through the tape to remove it from the spindle.

And voila! you have one small spool of serger thread ready for use on the serger.

Repeat with the remaining tubes and save yourself $ buying 4 large spools of annoying thread.

Helpful or not? Do let me know by leaving a comment...*wink wink*


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