Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Halloween 'Costumes'...

...in parenthesis because you can hardly call them costumes. More like an ordinary dress and long-sleeved vest. 5 points if you can guess what/who we were supposed to be.

Here be clues:

I wouldn't blame you if you missed it completely. Nobody at Nikhita's playgroup (where the Halloween party was) knew either. Only after they were told did they have the "oh ya!" moment.


The important thing is that I enjoyed making the Buttercup dress (but made quite a mess of my vest which I couldn't care less about but good thing you can't see it), and I chose it purely because (a) it was easy to make, (2) I could use remnants from my stash, and thirdly, I could mostly wear my own stuff and be part of her costume as well. Shames me to consider the efforts others have put into their daughters' costumes. It's a good thing Halloween isn't a real big deal here (no trick-or-treating, phew!). If we have to dress up again next year, I promise I'll let the kid choose what she wants to be.

Now on to Christmas sewing!
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